Have you seen my website for kids?

Have you seen this website?  If you teach Pre-K, K, or 1st, this is a JACKPOT of online games and videos and one of the main reasons I created it is to spread the word about awesome resources to teachers like YOU!   I didn't create any of the games or videos, I just collected them because I realized I needed to get a lot of the online resources I love into one nice, neat place (so I didn't have to google for things on the fly or try to remember what my favorite videos are from year to year).  
Click this pic to check out the site!

On WWW.HOWYWOOD.COM you won't find any advertising from me.  That's not what it's about.

You WILL find all of this that has been actually classroom tested and student and teacher approved over the years:
  • Over 25 of my favorite ad-free language arts games
  • Over 35 of my favorite ad-free math games
  • Over 65 of the BEST math songs (all categorized by skills like money, shapes, skip counting, etc so you can find what you need quickly)
  • Over 25 of the BEST songs about letters and sounds (and links to playlists with tons more!)
  • Over 65 of my class' favorite brain breaks (besides GoNoodle, of course!)
  • Several resources for online books
  • A collection of "just for fun" sites I approve of 

I use this to:
  • Give kids and parents ideas of online games to play at home
  • Show kids what they can play when we go to the computer lab 
  • Keep kids moving in the classroom with brain breaks
  • Play videos during snack time or while we're waiting for the bell to ring, etc
  • Find great videos to compliment and support my lessons 

Check it out and feel free to spread the word to all your teacher friends and kiddos who might find this website fun and useful!  It's here for YOU!

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