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The #1 organizational tool you need for distance learning, hybrid, in person ... or all three!

Hey, teacher friends!  Want to get organized with your student assessments no matter what format our teaching and learning takes this year? You're going to want to see this!

Some quick background: I've been using and loving Data Notebooks for YEARS in my classroom. Basically each student had a folder for tracking their assessments and growth.  It included graphs and kid-friendly visuals so the kids could see what they knew, what they were working on, how they were making progress, and what their goals were for the end of the year!  Not only that, it kept me super organized and it was PERFECT for parent teacher conferences - we'd literally just chat and flip through their data notebooks!  Here's a 2 minute peek at how they looked if you're curious and want to just skim through this visual, but


So... with all the uncertainty this year, I was wondering how I could still incorporate data notebooks if my class shifts between in person and online learning or does all one of the other.  It took a little investigating, but I'm SUPER EXCITED to announce ..... 
YOU CAN DO DATA NOTEBOOKS DIGITALLY!  And not only that- it's EASY & they're actually more beautiful and organized than ever! 🎉  We can still use them in person on my iPad, but now we can share our screens over Zoom or Google Meet and use them that way, too!  

All you need is:
  • This Data Notebook resource (includes simple step-by-step instructions and over 200 pages of assessment options!)
  • The Noteability app (which you will surely love for MORE than just data notebooks- it's super slick)
  • Your chosen technology: Mac, iPad, or iPhone (sorry, Noteability only works with iOS and Mac right now)
Here's my step-by-step video tutorial on how easy it is to create and use your digital data notebooks.  Check it out and let me know what you think or lmk if you have any questions!
I'm SO excited about this and hope it was helpful for you in figuring out how you'll stay organized this school year!  It's going to be awesome.  😎