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The TOP FREE Google Fonts You Need in Your Collection!

Hello, my fellow font lovers!
Just popping in to make sure you know there are THOUSANDS of FREE fonts on Google you can use in any of the Google apps!  Sorting through them all can be a bit overwhelming, so I wanted to save you some precious time & share all my FAVORITES with you!  They're organized into 3 groups: BOLD, easy-to-read, & fun!
 Once you're in a Google app (Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc.), just open your font menu and click on "More Fonts" at the top.  You can search for any of these by name!  Have fun!  Hope that helps!

TOP 5 Teacher Favorites for Back to School!

HEY, Teachers!  Ever wonder what's HOT with other teachers?  Here are the TOP 5 most popular resources in my TPT store this back to school season!  Check them out and see if there's anything you need!

1. 36 Awesome Activities & Games to Use on Zoom or Google Meet   {click here}  This one was a lifeline for me during distance learning this Spring and really helped me get all my class Zoom meetings planned out in advance.  SO MANY fun ideas here you'll love trying with your new class!!!  BONUS: It also includes a huge editable collection of "expectation slides" you can use to teach your students how we do things online. Yes, please!   

2. Editable Weekly Newsletters in Google Slides {click here} 145 GORGEOUS options you can personalize and make your own.  100% of the boxes and text are EDITABLE.  Perfect for communicating with families.  Easy to print or send digitally.  Teachers are LOVING THIS!!! 

3. Self Portrait Directed Drawing {click here} Definitely my all-time favorite art project to use in person or online.  If you' don't already have this, you need it in your teaching life!  It comes with a step-by-step PDF show that guides you and your class through exactly what to do.  You will be SHOCKED how much these end up looking exactly like your students!  1,700+ 5 star reviews tell you it's the real deal!   

4.  Distance Learning Organization Kit
 {click here}. I literally used this EVERYDAY during distance learning. It includes daily and weekly lesson plan templates, super cute morning meeting slides, and pages and pages of tips and tricks for getting organized and sharing lessons in a kid-friendly, simple format.  Want to see some of it in action? Here's a quick video! 

5. BRAND NEW! The Ultimate Digital Math Activity Bundle {click here} We literally spent all Summer making these and you guys... they are SO fun! They feel much more like an exciting game or wild scavenger hunt than any kind of work, but they're definitely an awesome way to practice math skills!  15 fun themed games are included and they all come with QR codes, optional recording pages, and directions for how to share them easily online or in class.  Perfect for whatever format your teaching takes this year!