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All year, my school has been REALLY into talking about mindsets.  I've become more aware of my own fixed mindset over certain things (just to name a few things I felt like I wasn't good at and couldn't get better at... singing, cooking for large groups, certain kinds of math- yikes!) and I've started to change the way I think about all of that.... maybe if I practice these things, I CAN improve!  It's not that I'm not good at math... it's more like maybe I'm not good at math YET!  :) 
I'm learning how to talk to my students to encourage them to have a growth mindset and encouraging their parents to do the same.

I'm working on creating a cool interactive show to help teachers talk to their classes about having a growth mindset, but in the mean time- I whipped up THIS! 
excuse the ugly brick walls in my school ;) ... I try to cuten them up!

My kiddos at home (2nd and 4th grade) helped me come up with all the BEST words because they've been learning about mindsets in their classrooms as well.  The words are:
Grow your brain
take Risks
have an Open mind
Work hard
Think hard
Have courage

Mistakes help you learn (or mistakes help me learn)- both versions included- you pick!
not yet Instead of not
try New things
be Determined
S-t-r-e-t-c-h your brain
put in Effort
Take your time... be patient

After hanging this up at lunch today, my colleagues around school and on Twitter have said they're LOVING it.  So am I!  And so can you!  Get more details and grab it (PLUS 10 super cool motivational posters!) HERE!

And don't forget to check out YouTube for tons of great resources on mindset... here's one for your class:
and one for YOU! Enjoy (and see if you can learn anything new!)!

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