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Estimation Jar!

Hello, friends!  Have you ever tried starting an Estimation Jar in your classroom?  It's a super simple, year-round, valuable math activity that practically "runs" itself and only requires about 5 minutes of your class time per week!  I've been loving "Estimation Jar" since I was a 1st year teacher (16 years ago!) and have tried to do the routine MANY different ways... Finally... I feel like I got it all figured out and wanted to publishing all the details so I can share it with YOU! 
Click this picture to see it in my TPT store!
You’ll need to find a transparent container with a lid, but then EVERYTHING else you need, is right here! Time-tested, teacher and student approved, the Estimation Jar is something your students will look forward to every week!
My current set-up... a jar (filled at home by last week's winner) and the estimate recording sheet and parent notes all ready to roll on a clip board (there are other recording options included too, but I found THIS ONE works best for my Kindergarten class!)


Estimating is a valuable mathematical skill for children to practice and develop. The Estimation Jar helps students grow their number sense and love of math!

The Basic Idea:

The jar is filled with less than 100 of something and throughout the week, kids estimate how many they think are in the jar. On Friday, you all count them up and the person with the closest estimate, gets to take the jar home and fill it for the next week!
We sorted these "squigs" into groups of 10 for quick, easy (skill-building!) counting!


In this EDITABLE file, you’ll find:
* Full color photos, detailed directions, and expert advice about how to make this as easy and awesome as possible!

*12 different options for cute words to just print and tape onto your jar

*2 different different styles of EDITABLE notes to send home with the jar so families know what to do

*Suggested wording for the parent note

*3 styles of EDITABLE recording sheets where students write down their estimates… just print and go!

We dumped out the pom poms, quickly put them in groups of 5 and counted them up to see who was the closest!

Everything you need to get your Estimation Jar up and running can be all yours for less than $2!  What a deal!  Counting up the objects is a Friday highlight for my kiddos... don't miss out on all the fun (and learning!!!)!  :)

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