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Can't wait to make this project with my Kindergarteners this week!!! 

Side note: I became Facebook friends with a mom of a former Kindergartener and in one of her recent FB pics, I spotted this project STILL proudly displayed on their fridge, almost a year later!!! Made me so happy! These a TRUE keepers that moms will treasure for always, guaranteed!  Even the ones that aren't so good (as far as amazing artwork and perfect coloring) are still SO, SO good in a sweet precious way, wouldn't you agree?!  :)

The pages for this project are actually a combination of 2 products I have on TPT:
 It's totally worth it to buy them both cause the Mother's Day Project pack has 2 other really winning projects included...
This is another one of the super cute projects you get directions and printables for in the "Mother's Day Project Pack!"
and the Self Portrait Directed Drawing is something that's SO fun to do at the beginning or end of the school year. The directions are so clear and easy to follow that parents often comment that "this is the BEST thing my child has EVER drawn!" It includes special papers just for Mother's Day and Father's Day!

Have fun celebrating those oh so special mamas (and grandmas and other special ladies in our lives!)!

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