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Kids germs got you feeling run down? Two Tricks Worth Trying...

Oh, teacher friends.  Kid germs got you feeling run down?  Seriously.  We are on the front lines and get exposed to so much at school!  Just yesterday, my teacher-friend lost almost half her class to the "throw-ups" .... yikes!!!  I think that'd be enough to make me toss out all our community crayons and pencils and just start fresh. ;)  Anyway...
I wanted to share a couple new things I've learned this Fall that have really helped me stay well.  Like I've gone to bed with the WORST sore throat, feeling horrible, and/ or almost completely lost my voice, but time after time if I've pulled out this simple arsenal, I've ended up being fine.  It's like magic. So these are great tricks.  I just love to share things and try to help other teachers, so HERE:

1.  Massage:  At first glance, this video looks like it's going to be old and cheesy, but actually- it's AWESOME.  I don't know who this guy is, but I know he knows the lymphatic system.  Ha!  The vid is 8 minutes and he explains how/why things work for the first 4 min and actually models how to help things drain the last 4 minutes.  So I only watched the beginning once and now whenever I feel a sore throat coming on, I just fast forward to the 4 minute mark and follow along with his routine.  I've done it so many times now I can do it pretty well on my own.  It's super easy and friends, it's FOR REAL.  You can feel a difference right away!  Sometimes it does hurt if you rub over a swollen gland, but hey- it's better than getting sick.  And it's not anything weird so you can do it while you're sitting at your computer or the staff lounge or anywhere.  I seriously can't believe I got to be almost 40 years old and never knew to do this?!  Check out Dr. Mark's method for encouraging your lymph system and sinuses to drain...


2.  Elderberry Syrup:  Another sick-day-saver!  When you feel a cold, sore throat, or flu coming on, you take a tablespoon or 2 of this juice and it works wonders for boosting immunity!  It tastes surprisingly great and is safe/yummy enough for picky kids, too.  Some people say it's even more effective than a flu shot!  You can buy it for about $20 at Whole Foods or similar stores, but guess what- you can also buy the berries online and make your own for a fraction of the cost!  I've been using the recipe and instructions from Wellness Mama, here:
I bought these berries -- (aff link) and it was WAY easier than I thought it'd be to make... basically boil them, mash, strain, and add honey after it cools off.  Done!  Even my hubby is happy to whip up a batch of elderberry syrup when we're getting low.
BTW- I discovered there is some crazzzzy elderberry price hiking that happens in the winter, probably due to supply and demand and the berries not being in season (like it went up to $50/bag this year)... so I think it would be smart to stock up when the price is more like $20. You can keep the berries in the freezer for a long time and they'll be fine.  

The homemade syrup keeps in the fridge for about a month or two. You'll know when it's on it's way out if it starts to ferment.

I grabbed a fun glass bottle from Home Goods to keep mine in and when we know the icky sickies are going around or we've been exposed to something, my family all takes a shot a day. During less peak sickness times, we don't take it everyday- more like every other or a few times per week. 

These are both great tricks for preventing illness, stopping it in it's tracks (if you feel something coming on- do these and you might not actually get sick.  That's what I usually end up doing!), or easing symptoms and duration of illness if you actually DO get sick.  

If the germs win (booooo!) and you need to miss a day of school... be sure to check out these time-saving, stress-free sub plans designed to accompany popular books you probably have sitting in your classroom or school library (sets are available individually or you can grab the big bundle that includes an awesome binder, generic plans for any day, and over a week's worth of print and go academic activities).  Details here.  :)
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Hope these tricks help you hang onto your sick days and make it through the season feeling your best!

We made it!  My kids and I made it through the ENTIRE school year without getting anything worse than a little cold.  I have NEVER, in my history of being a mom, had a year where I haven't used ALL my sick days, plus some (which you may know, can be very $$$ once you start going "into the hole").  This was the first!  Yay!  Other mamas on my kid's sports teams kept asking me HOW ON EARTH my kids didn't get all the junk that swept through the teams on several occasions.  More than ever now, I think these tricks are the real deal and hope sharing them with you helps you save your precious sick days, $$$, and sanity!  Wishing you wellness!

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