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4 Steps to make a bunch of fun PENNANT BUNTING BANNERS for less than $2!

Looking for a quick, super cheap way to brighten up your classroom at school or at home?  Check out how I made these banners!  

Materials Needed: laminated paper in the colors of your choice (mine came from Astrobrights), ribbon, hole punch, and a paper cutter- that's it!

STEP 1: Laminate your paper.  Do as much or little as you want.  I did 3 pages of 7 different colors. 

STEP 2:  Use your paper cutter to trim it into triangles.  I cut one big triangle from the center of the page (like top corners down to bottom center).  Then I used the scraps to cut several smaller traingles (pictured below). 
Here are all the triangles I ended up with- pretty!

STEP 3: Punch 2 holes in the top corners of your triangles.

STEP 4: Ribbon time!  Just thread it through!

bright, affordable kindergarten classroom decoration!
Here is how it looks on my family room floor.

And here it is hanging up in my classroom~  The big triangles are on the brick wall and the little ones are above the bookshelves.  I just used some binder clips to attach them to the metal part of the ceiling.  Yay for fun and affordable!
A nice addition to your home office/classroom too!

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