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Finding Organization, Accomplishment, and Routine at Home in the Midst of Crazy Times (or ANY time)!

Now more than ever, routine, accomplishment, & organization are GOOD for EVERYONE!  If you’re working from home and/or diving into distance learning for your kids and feeling like you don't know how you're going to squeeze it all in (for yourself OR your kids!), this system could be a total game-changer for you! The idea here is that once you have the tasks laid out, people understand and can clearly visualize what they have to do, get it done at their own pace (with minimal reminders or hovering from parents!), and be free to do what they want for the rest of the day (Screen time? FaceTiming friends? You're the boss!). 

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Here's our chart all set up, ready to roll!

Here’s how it works:

1. DEFINE THE TASKS: The family works together to clearly define the jobs (you could just talk about it or actually even SHOW kids if you think they’re not 100% clear on it already - like what does it LOOK LIKE to successfully “clean the bathroom” or “clean your room?”

I am in LOVE with these little icons! There's also a blank, editable page so you can add anything else that fits specifically to YOUR family!
2. SET IT UP: Either first thing in the morning or at bedtime the night before, have kids help set up a list of tasks to be done.  What do you want to accomplish?  What needs to get done for home or school or yourself?  Put those tasks on the “to do” side of the chart. You only need to include things that don’t already get done automatically (for example, if your teens are good about showering, don’t put that on their list.  However, if they need reminding, just have them add it to their list.)  Everyone will be able to clearly see what needs to happen before they are “free” to do other things.  Be sure to give your kids some voice in what the day’s tasks should be.  Getting them to buy in and own this whole idea is huge.

3. GET TO WORK: As people work on the tasks, they can move them across the chart : from the “to do” side... to the “working on” space ... to the “done” side!  My 8 year old LOVES this so much that she literally races around, getting all her work done.  Personally, it also really helped ME as an adult to be able to visualize and knock out all the tasks I needed to get done each morning.  It truly is something everyone can use and feel good about.  
One more tip about the work - some parents like to inspect their child’s work before kids can officially move the task to the “done” side. You know your kids best- maybe you need to do that, or maybe not.  Jobs can be done in any order, as long as they all get done.
Options, always lots of options! :)
I hope this idea was helpful to you! If you want even MORE details, an EDITABLE Google Slides copy of everything seen here, and info on what magnets we used, etc, you can grab this helpful resource in my TPT store HERE!  Take care & be well, everyone!

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