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We are Fam-i-ly!

 Here's a simple idea you can start up anytime of year to strengthen the bond between home and school. Invite families to send in a 4x6 family photo!
I LOVE this wall and all that it symbolizes!
I just cut a bunch of 6x8 black rectangles of paper and kept them handy and then as kids brought in pics, I mounted them on the black background (helps them all look the same size cause some sent in bigger or smaller pics) and popped them up on the wall. 
I did this at the start of the year and feel like it helped ease the transition between home and school. I had a few missing mom and they loved being able to see her picture if they wanted to. 
I also think it just sends powerful messages like: families are important, we care & want to get to know each other, families and classrooms work together, and so much more! 
Try it out any time of year and show them all you care!

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