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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Well, here in MinneSNOWta, we're gearing up for one of the first really measurable snowstorms of the year...  So in honor of that, I found a bunch of pics of fun SNOW projects to share from my classroom!  And I'll even end with a FREEBIE!

For starters, how CUTE is this?!  I screenshot it and think it came from one of my Facebook teacher friends.  Love it, right?!  And the card is just perfect!!
Kids could have fun making these for their teachers!

Tissue Paper Collage Trees!

Next, I've done this fun art project for the past several years... it's so pretty!  For some reason, I'm always in love with anything like colorful tissue paper collages.  :)  You have to spread it over 2 days cause step 1 needs some drying time.

1.  You need big paint brushes, watered down glue, white paper, and tissue squares.  Have kids just use the glue and brushes to stick tissue squares onto paper.  Emphasize that they want to fill the spaces and brush the end down so there aren't chunks of tissue sticking up.  Also model the right amount of glue so that it dries nicely.
Love the colors!
2.  Also on day 1, use blue paint to paint a wavy line about mid-way across the paper.  Paint one half of the page blue and leave the other half white.  Let it dry.

3.    Once the tissue papers are dry (like the morning of day 2), I usually cut out the triangles.  Vary sizes and shapes a bit.  Some years if I'm feeling brave, I let kids cut their own.  Use your judgement.

4.  Finally glue on the trees, add q-tip dots of white paint, mat onto black paper and it's done!  And it's beautiful!

Last year I even got some butcher paper to make big envelopes and sent these home with kids as a holiday gift for their families.

I think this would be awesome for families to frame and bring out to display each Winter!


Snowmen at Night

Here's another cute easy project!  I think I saw the idea on Pinterest and just whipped it up to go along with  the great book: Snowmen at Night.

You can see the picture below to figure out what supplies I used.  Then just use the pictures to guide you as you put it together!  We also added some writing with the prompt: "If I were a snowman at night, I would..."  One of my teammates made that. 

I even wrote measurements on some of these for you so you don't have to guess!
Ice skate, go sledding, drink hot cocoa, go swimming... :)

Ready for another idea?!

Snowmen Handprint Ornaments!

These are all over pinterest, too!  We did these as holiday gifts for families.  It's made by painting white paint onto their little hand, having them wrap their hand around the bulb, and then once the paint dries, you use Sharpie markers to turn their sweet fingers into snowmen!  Adorable, right?! Plus it's a cute keepsake to remember how little those hands were.  I also write their name and the year on the bulb right after they made their handprint so I knew who's was who's.

I learned that you need good quality white paint (some more watery stuff I had didn't work) and also certain bulb colors are better than others... like a red bulb might give you pink snowmen.  So definitely test drive this project with your supplies in advance.

Finally, a FREEBIE!

Colorful Snow Circles!

These are awesome and SO simple.  I love brightening up grey Winter days with COLOR!

1.  Start by reading a great book about snowflakes like Snowflake Bentley or just look up great up-close pictures of snowflakes online like HERE. They really are AMAZING!
2.  Model for kids how to draw snowflakes with 6 lines.  Do an X and add another line through it.  Then add more little lines or dots on the lines.
3.  Here comes the freebie... I made a paper with 9 light grey circles on it.  Have them use white crayons in each circle.  Instruct them to press HARD.


4.  Take watercolor paints and go over each circle in a different bright color.

5.  Be amazed as the snowflake appears!  WOW!!!

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