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Whew!  It's been a LONG TIME since I've blogged!  So long in fact that I completely forgot how to log in to my poor neglected, yet still awesome blog!  After wasting spending about 2 hours trying to crack the code and discover a way back in, I told myself, "Hey! It's time for a FRESH start!"  So here I am!  I'm so glad you found me! 
My old blog is HERE if you're interested in seeing my past posts.
And I also have THIS related website I created and pay for the domain name on just because I wanted to have a one-stop-shop where my students could find all the BEST ad-free, top quality educational games, songs, and videos!  Please feel free to use it with your kids... it's made to share!
And finally, speaking of sharing, I love sharing ideas and products with other teachers so you can zip straight to my store on Teachers Pay Teachers HERE.

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